4 Healthy Ways to Distract Yourself from Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural dialogue between our mind and body. It’s a red flag that something might be going on in our surroundings that requires our attention.For most of us, anxiety is an uncomfortable but fleeting feeling that pops up on occasion during particularly stressful times. For some, anxiety may be more present and color more of their daily life....[ read more ]

How to Find New Purpose After Losing Your Faith

For people of faith, their belief system is an important aspect of their life and who they are as a person. It could be a faith that was cultivated in them since they were a child, or one that they found on their own in adulthood. However we find our faith, as we move through the world and experience life,...[ read more ]

How Meditation Can Help Manage Symptoms of Trauma

Meditation offers practitioners powerful benefits, yet many people are confused as to what exactly those benefits are. In a nutshell, meditation focuses attention in a deliberate manner, taking you from a state of noisy mental chatter to calm and quiet inner peace. And isn’t that something most of us could use?While meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in...[ read more ]

The Case History: An Article about Shame

This article was originally published in the Nov/Dec 2016 issue of The Therapist: Magazine for the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists.  Through the use of a case study, this article discusses the origin of shame and some ways that shame can be identified, treated and healed.  You may read the article by clicking below: Click here to read the article

How Do I Choose a Therapist for Counseling?

    You may be therapist shopping already: glaring into your smartphone or computer monitor entering keywords into a Google search with the hope that you will happen upon someone who will listen to you and understand.  They need to get you and your situation.  Further, they need to be affordable, or better yet, part of the mental health provision of your...[ read more ]

Overcoming the Thinking Mind

Have you ever had a moment when all you wanted to do was sit quietly and relax, but found yourself bombarded with thoughts?  Total silence seemed like a din of noise all coming from inside your head!  What will I make for dinner tonight?  Should I move my investments to get a better return?  What should we do for vacation...[ read more ]

How to Talk to Someone Who Is Suicidal

Suicide is preventable and anyone can be in the position to help someone who is contemplating ending their life.  A person contemplating suicide is testing the world to see if anyone cares about them.  Often people believe that preventing a suicide requires professional expertise (e.g. psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or other counselor), but really anyone can do it.  Recognizing the warning...[ read more ]

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